We believe that a child growing up in a happy, safe, caring and secure
environment both at home and Early Years Development Centres leads to harnessing a community that is empowered, self-sufficient and most importantly rich in ethical values.

Our mission is to help the little treasures under our wings embrace these core values at the initial stage in their learning journey.

Infant Care Programme

We fully understand that parting with your infant could be emotionally draining. We invite parents to meet us for an open discussion to clarify all doubts and concerns about our infant care programme. Together, let’s work out a routine that would ensure your child blossom in the new environment. We make every effort to provide the warmth, affection and security your little one is used to receiving at home.

Preschool and Day care (Full day)

Our full day programme is designed for your child to have a fulfilling day packed with learning and loads of fun.

Following the day’s Preschool activities, the children will relax and mingle. We make our best effort to to mirror the comfort and security the child will receives at home within our day care framework. Additionally, they will embrace social skills making them ready to step out to the real world.

After School Care

After a long day of school, your child needs a safe, supervised and fun environment to unwind until you sign off your day. We always take pride in the fact that most of our preschoolers return to CeeBees to join our After School Care programme.