• Age group 4 to 5+ years
  • Session time 3 and a half hours from 8.30 am to 12 noon
  • Morning Snack provided
  • Remote CCTV access

This is the final year in Preschool before your child starts mainstream schooling. They are certainly in for an exciting time experiencing a wholesome curriculum that will focus on molding your child to a well-rounded individual enriched with values and a positives attitude.

Curriculum Focus

  • Language development program that will sharpen expressiveness, public speaking and further enhance listening and reading skills.
  • Develop writing skills to enable writing of basic sentences.
  • Enhance scope of mathematical concepts.
  • Reading programme.
  • Interactive and engaging activities that will make your child a part of many memorable adventures.
  • Logical thinking and problem solving activities.
  • Grooming for responsibility.
  • Confidence building activities focusing on both emotional and physical development.
  • Promote independent behavior.
  • Music and movement program that will further sharpen discovered talents.
  • Outdoor play time that promotes many aspects of physical development.