We believe that every child has a unique attribute that makes him/her special.

We help them discover their true potential and hand hold them; along with their parents, in their journey to nurture them become kind, compassionate and independent children who truly believe that they CAN make a positive difference in the society, growing up.

Toddlers – Play Group

Our Toddler program is designed on an interactive play based platform involving lots of fun activities and creative playtime that stimulates their curiosity. As we move along, we will look to gradually introduce some structure and routine which will be a stepping stone in making your little toddler independent and understanding boundaries. All this while having fun!

Discoverers- Lower Nursery

The “Discoverers” programme facilitates a smooth transition from Toddlerhood to the adventures of Preschool. Our small size classes offer the flexibility we need to support your child grasp the many activities that are vital for developing their brain and body as well as social and emotional skills.

Explorers – Upper Nursery

At this stage, your child tends to absorb their surroundings. They are both physically and emotionally ready to explore, question and enjoy what is happening around them. This is the time to develop their creativity, social growth and enable them become more independent.

Inquirers – Kindergartners

This is the final year in Preschool before your child starts mainstream schooling. They are certainly in for an exciting time experiencing a wholesome curriculum that will focus on molding your child to a well-rounded individual enriched with values and a positives attitude.